These Tech Systems, Websites, Apps and Business Concepts are developed, supported and are sold to entrepreneurs, companies and governments in Kenya and Uganda by Ramuri Technologies.


1. On Sale is a Centralized Bus Booking Platform for all Bus Companies in Kenya.

This is a centralized bus booking platform for all bus companies in Kenya where you can select any bus of your choice to any destination in East Africa and book a bus ticket within minutes. Anyone online can do the booking whether in Kenya or outside the country. Working with several bus companies, we process hundreds of bookings with different buses each day. Those who are offline can also book.

There is an ideal functionality within that helps those who are booking to compare fare rates of different buses to a particular destination and make a guided choice.

This system has been implemented and is fully functional. It a registered business in Kenya with active Mpesa Till Number for payment.

Interested buyers/entrepreneurs can reach Ramuri Technologies on +254 723 030 474 to buy the product.

We are selling this Fully Functional Bus Booking System at KSh. 850,000. (Negotiable)

2. On Sale is a Monetized Public M-CLINIC Health System with estimated 75,000/= monthly revenue with 500 users/interactions per day.

Public M-CLINIC Health System is designed to help millions of Kenyans nationwide easily access health information and services, connecting Kenyans with medics at their counties one on one. Using the M-CLINIC Health System Kenyans will get automated services and get personalized medical info efficiently & easily.

Profitability of the System/Projected Revenue. If only 500 Kenyans use the system once in a day then that is likely to translate into KSh 2,500 per day and KSh 75,000 gross income a month. And 1,000 interactions daily with the system will generate KSh 150,000 revenue a month (gross).
The daily target market number is 10 million Kenyans (Daily Active Phone Users) and out of this big number just 500 users/interactions is likely to give you KSh 75,000 gross a month. The system is very ideal for a startup business, established business, hospitals, county governments and Kenyan public at large.

M-CLINIC Health System Product Details:

  • Full System Concept
  • Detailed Conceptual Framework with clear step by step implementable procedures
  • Complete System Flowchart –Easy to understand flowchart with logical design for implementations
  • Realistic Revenue Projection/Profitability Estimation
  • System Future Expansion Recommendations
  • Likely Challenges in the System Implementation

Interested buyers/entrepreneurs can reach RamuriTechnologies on +254 723 030 4 74 to buy the product. We are selling this M-CLINIC Health System at KSh. 65,000.

3. A new All-Inclusive Shopping System for Mega Stores and Malls is on sale. Its a unique shopping system and a game changer in online and offline shopping experience, one of its kind in Africa. Contact Ramuri Technologies +254 723 030 474 for more details and its sale.